Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty applies only to items purchased directly through ArtCarved.com. For Amazon purchases, please see our Amazon Warranty & Returns Policy.

Free Services

For the original owner of a piece of ArtCarved jewelry we will happily perform the following services for free:

  • Repair of workmanship or material defects at the time of original delivery.
  • Complete replacement if the above repairs cannot be made. This is up to our discretion.
  • Exchange of stone color to a different color within 30 days of delivery.
  • Ring resizing within two whole sizes if returned within 30 days of delivery.
  • Class Rings Only: Change of graduation year or degree at the same school. Limit to one year change, within one year of graduation. Charges may apply to year changes on an engraving.

Disclosure Policy

Members shall not make any untruthful, misleading or deceptive representation, or make any material omission in the selling, advertising or marketing of any Diamond, Synthetic or Simulant, and/or any Gold, and/or any Platinum Group Metals Jewellery Products.

Additional Services

We will also perform some services for an additional fee:

  • Replacement of genuine gemstones and diamonds.
  • Ring resizing beyond two whole sizes, or any resizing after 30 days of original delivery.
  • Any stone color exchange after 30 days of original delivery.

This warranty is void if work is performed on your jewelry by someone other than ArtCarved. Normal wear and tear and damage resulting from improper handling are not covered.

Consult the following chart for repair fees outside of the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Resize Ring$50
Refinish Ring$25
Simulated Stone Replacement$50
Genuine Stone Replacement$45 + $10 per stone
Diamond Replacement$50 + cost of genuine stone or diamond
Remake (Non-Gold Product)$100
Remake (Gold Product)$125