Class Rings FAQs

ArtCarved Class Rings

Can I order a ring without a school name?

Yes. High School rings are available without school names at no additional cost, however rings with wording around the stone CANNOT be left blank. The words “High School” or “Home School” can also be used.

Can I order a ring with a back year date (i.e. 1985)?

Yes. All ArtCarved class rings are available with back year dates for a nominal charge, as long as the school is still in existence.

Where do I send a ring for repairs?

Please refer to the Limited Lifetime Warranty section.

What is the difference in Single and Double Rail?

Single Rail has one line of text around the stone. Double rail has two lines of text around the stone. Please note double rails are only available on Patriot and All American styles.

What is an antique finish?

A dark background brings out the polished details. It is the most popular and most pictured finish in the brochure and selling guide. Black antiquing is standard for Siladium®, Golden Siladium®, Silver Select and White Gold. Brown antiquing is standard on Yellow Gold rings.

What is a natural finish?

Natural Finish is as beautiful as the Antique Finish, but without the dark background. This option is lovely with more subtle detailing, and is available on select styles in Silver Select, 10K and 14K gold. Natural finish is not available on the Crestline Series rings (Legacy, Heirloom, Accolade and Ovation) and other select styles as noted in this guide.

What is the two-tone metal option on the Crestline rings?

The Crestline Series offers the Legacy and Heirloom styles in two-tone metals, as well as, all gold or all Siladium®. Choose Siladium® Two-Tone, 10k or 14k White Gold Two-Tone for a white tone ring with a yellow tone inset around the gem. For a yellow tone ring with a white tone inset around the gem, select either 10k or 14k Yellow Gold Two-Tone.

Why is it necessary to completely remake my Golden Siladium® or Eclipse Siladium® ring when all I need is a resizing?

When even changing the size of a ring, we have to use direct heat on the ring. Direct heat changes the original molecular structure of the processed gold or black color, affecting your customizations and any treatments on the ring. It’s better to re-make the ring completely, than to risk these issues for a resizing.

How do I change or cancel my class ring order?

Please contact customer care at 1.800.531.5055 or email us at