Our History

It’s a clear, brisk morning in Brooklyn, and the year is 1850. A man named J.R. Wood strolls down the Atlantic Avenue sidewalk alongside his two grown sons, stopping to unlock the doors to an unassuming little shop. That little shop would be the beginnings of a jewelry brand called, ArtCarved.

J.R. made arguably the best gold and platinum jewelry at the time for fine folks of New York City. This was all well and good, but it was his first engagement ring, the Victoria (named after Queen Victoria), that put his shop on the map and secured the long future of our company.

Forty years later (1890’s) we had another breakthrough with the development of the first seamless soldered rings. It was the roaring 20’s when the name ArtCarved became a reality with our ability to create carved designs in exquisite detail. No other jewelers could do what we did, and we were able to branch out from wedding jewelry into class rings.

We were still trendsetters nearly a century after those first days in Brooklyn. Many of the millions of American men fighting in the European and Pacific theaters of WWII wore an ArtCarved wedding band on their left hand—a deeply meaningful piece of home to remind them who they were fighting for back home.

In 1996, we wanted to expand and celebrate life’s other special moments with a more colorful range of personalized fashion jewelry. Our legacy of quality, craftsmanship, and style hasn’t diminished since those first humble days in Brooklyn, and we look forward to helping you keep the important moments close at hand for years to come.