Repair Cost

Repair Cost

Services Inside of Limited Lifetime Warranty

Please read the ArtCarved Limited Lifetime Warranty for more details.

Repair of defects at time of deliveryFree
Replacement if above repairs are not possibleFree
Exchange of stone color*Free
Ring resizing within 2 whole sizes*Free
Graduation year change**Free
School change**Free

*Within 30 days of original delivery.

**Class rings only, limit to one change within one year of graduation. Additional cost may apply to year change on engravings.

Services Outside of Limited Lifetime Warranty for Family Jewelry

Resize Ring$50
Refinish Ring$25
Simulated Stone Replacement$50
Genuine Stone Replacement$45 + $10 per stone
Diamond Replacement$50 + cost of genuine stone or diamond
Remake (Non-Gold Product)$100
Remake (Gold Product)$125

Services Outside of Limited Lifetime Warranty for High School Class Rings

Repair Charge - Level 1$25
Repair Charge Level 2$50
Repair Charge Level - 3 Non-Gold (Remake Fee)$100
Repair Charge - Level 3 Gold (Remake Fee)$175

Repair Instructions

Please send your ring to our Repair Department to the address listed below along with your return address, phone number, and repair instructions. Please include a check or money order for $19.95 for return shipping and handling. In the event there are any other charges involved, our Repair Department will contact you to discuss. If your ring is of sentimental value and you do not wish to have it remade, please include a specific note with your ring.

Please send your ring via an insured, traceable method to:


Attn.: Repair Dept.

7211 Circle S Road

Austin, TX 78745

Still have questions about our jewelry repair services? Call us at 1-800-531-5055 or send an email at