ArtCarved PALS Class Ring Program

The ArtCarved Protection Against Loss or Stolen (PALS) Replacement Agreement only applies to ArtCarved high school class rings, diamonds not included. Championship rings are not included.

If you purchased an ArtCarved PALS Replacement Agreement, your high school class ring is protected against loss or theft from four (4) years from the date of purchase. We will replace your lost or stolen ring once within this four year period, if the claim is filed within 45 days of loss. The replacement ring will be identical in all aspects (size, metal, stone, engravings, etc…) to the original and cannot be altered.

Please submit the following materials when filing your PALS claim. Without these materials your claim may be denied.

     1. ArtCarved PALS/Warranty card

     2. Original invoice

     3. Police report number (if applicable)

     4. Explanation of how your ring was lost

     5. Check or money order for processing claim fee, taxes, shipping and handling

Send these materials to one of these two addresses, depending on the shipping service of your choice:

US Postal Service or Write to us at:


Attn: PALS Dept

PO Box 149056

Austin, TX 78714-9056

UPS or FedEx:


Attn: PALS Dept

7211 Circle S Rd.

Austin, TX 78745-6603